Chile, from north to south, is more than 4,000 kilometers long. Managing branches in different parts of the country, or even in the rest of Latin America and Europe, can be very complicated and requires a great effort.

In Englobally, in addition to offering outsourcing services, we have our own technological development to offer you a solution tailored to your needs, with the aim of centralizing all the information of your headquarters, managing tasks, projects, documents, invoices or tickets, etc.
This is LinkUs.


LinkUs is our corporate network solution for process management, workflow, communities, repository, projects and tasks. Fully delocalized and with a single database. The options offered are modular and adaptable. You tell us your needs and we create a customized solution. It is not just software, we accompany you in your process and as your business grows, we adapt to you.

With LinkUs we can establish and manage business processes in a single product and a single database, something really new in the market. You will be able to manage any business process be it internal or third party.

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